Which clothes and gear I need to bring with me?

We can provide a checklist that can help you on the preparation of your luggage. Please remember that each tour has its own specific list of equipment needed.

Which kind of bike do you suggest?

We mainly organize off-road tours, so depending on the kind of tour a MTB or Gravel bike is necessary. As we always say, it is not necessary a last generation bike to ride one of our tour. Of course the bicycle must work perfectly in all its part: brakes, gear, suspension. this will allow you to fully enjoy the tour. Avoid to leave with a new and  never used before saddle.
Ten days before departure is best to make a complete check with your bike mechanic.

Should I bring my own bike?

Bring your own bike is always the best solution.

In some country (i.e. Italy, Spain) we could be able to offer rental bike, but this is option is not guaranteed. Please contact us for more information.