If we talk about knowledge in the field and taking care of every detail in bikes, we are talking about CHIRU Bikes!

We are very happy to announce that PA-CYCLING and CHIRU Bikes are partnering for our next adventures around the globe and that you can benefit from this too. If you are planning to travel with us and want to have an indestructible bike that fits perfectly your needs, do not hesitate on asking us for getting the benefit of a unique discount in any of the bikes that Chiru bikes has and also, to getting in touch with Pierre (founder of Chiru Bikes) to let you know which bike fits best your needs.

CHIRU bikes was born in the mind of founder Pierre Arnaud Le Magnan, the CHIRU brand is inspired by Chiru or Tchirou. This small antelope which lives in an arid and inhospitable nature between 3700 and 5500 meters above sea level on the Tibetan plateau to the north of the Himalayas. His extreme living conditions and his remarkable ability to adapt to his environment inspired this brand, which naturally borrowed its name!

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