Privacy Policy

PA-Cyclism, collects personal data and information about you through its events, web pages, applications, promotional campaigns, loyalty programs and other services. PA-Cyclism believes that the protection of Personal Data is of paramount importance.

PA-Cyclism is the legal controller of all Personal Data obtained through the above channels and processes. The website operated by PA-Cyclism is:

It is very important to us that our service is transparent, personal and reliable. In this context, we believe it is important that you know exactly what Personal Data is collected by PA-Cyclism and for what purposes we use this Personal Data. This privacy policy describes this clearly and precisely. However, PA-Cyclism ensures that Personal Data is collected, used and deleted carefully and in accordance with applicable legislation and regulations.

This Privacy Policy may change from time to time due to new regulations. You will always find the latest PA-Cyclism Privacy Policy at
If the Privacy Policy has been changed, PA-Cyclism will notify you via its website or email.


If you have questions about our Privacy Statement, you can address these to:
Attn: Marketing Manager

P º / de la Castellana, 121, Esc Dcha 4thA
28046 – MADRID

or submit them using our contact form

Madrid, July 2018

PA-Cyclism collects and processes Personal Data for the following purposes:

  1. to carry out organised trips, events and presentations, and the data subject’s (personal) PA-Cyclismaccount;
  2. to send out offers, news articles and campaigns via email and post;
  3. to perform analyses for process improvement, the development of trips, products, services and market research;
  4. to support communication and campaigns via social media;
  5. to handle complaints and requests for information.

1. to carry out organised trips, events and presentations, and the data subject’s (personal) PA-Cyclism account

PA-Cyclism records Personal Data when you visit the PA-CyclismWebsite and when customers request or order products or services or attend an event.

The PA-Cyclism account
PA-Cyclismuses Company and Personal Data to manage its accounts. These data enable us to tailor our service provision to you even better. Alongside the other purposes mentioned in this Privacy Statement, we use the Personal Data provided to manage the PA-Cyclismaccount and provide you with related functionalities, such as areas of interest and most recently viewed trips and products. You can have us delete your data at any time. Once your account has been deleted, your data will no longer be saved.

2. to send out offers, news articles and campaigns via email and post

If you have given consent for this, your email address will be used to send newsletters to give you inspiration, inform you about specific campaigns and provide you with the details about (new) products and services, for instance. You can withdraw your consent for the sending of email newsletters at any time by using the unsubscribe link in the email sent. Finally, PA-Cyclism can also send you offers, specific campaigns and information about (new) trips, products, events and services by post. You can unsubscribe from this as well via the PA-CyclismMarketing Manager; see the bottom of this privacy statement.

3. to perform analyses for process improvement, the development of trips, products, services and market research

PA-Cyclism strives to provide websites and services of the highest quality and tailor its range of services to the wishes and needs of our customers and visitors as closely as possible. This requires that PA-Cyclismconduct statistical research so that it can make changes where necessary. PA-Cyclismcan use customer data for this statistical research. The research results are reported on exclusively on the aggregate level. This means that the results cannot in any way be traced back to individual customers.

4. to support online marketing communication and campaigns

PA-Cyclism would like to engage with customers and website visitors via the web and (their own) social media channels in a dialogue about its organisation, trips, products and/or services. The goal is to provide useful and relevant information and/or answer questions. PA-Cyclism actively monitors the internet and social media channels, such as Facebook, Twitter and blogs, in this context. PA-Cyclism follows discussions on these channels, participates in these discussions and answers relevant individual questions. PA-Cyclism explicitly reserves the right to not respond to every question or comment. No rights can be derived from whether a substantive response is provided, therefore. PA-Cyclism uses access to social media, such as Facebook, provided by visitors or customers, which means that PA-Cyclism has access to (some of) your data on these social media. To be able to show you personalised advertisements when you visit social media (like Facebook), search engines (like Google) or other websites and apps, we can match your email address or other identifying detail with data from that social media or search engines. This always takes place in coded and anonymised form. If you communicate with us using our social media pages (by posting comments or following us by clicking on ‘Like’), we may be able to see Personal Data on you. This Privacy Statement therefore applies for the personal data that PA-Cyclism processes. If you opt to share the PA-Cyclism Website or other PA-Cyclism(online) services via social media, your Personal Data (such as your name and the fact that you are interested in our trips, products and services) can also be visible to all visitors to your personal social media pages. The terms and conditions and privacy policy of the particular social media websites apply to the use of such social media websites.

5. to handle complaints and requests for information

If you contact PA-Cyclism’s Marketing Managerbecause you have a question or complaint about PA-Cyclism’s service provision, we will save your contact details and your question or complaint. PA-Cyclism may ask you to provide more Personal Data if we deem this necessary in order to answer the question or handle the complaint. The Personal Data provided are used for the handling of the question or complaint.

If you want to know what Personal Data PA-Cyclism collects and uses in relation to you, you can ask PA-Cyclism to send you an overview of these data. PA-Cyclism will in that case ask that you send a copy of your identification, however. You can submit a request to inspect data to the PA-Cyclism Margeting Manager. PA-Cyclism will respond in writing to your request via the email address specified within four (4) weeks. If, based on the overview, you want to have Personal Data corrected, supplemented, deleted and/or blocked, you can submit a new request for this. PA-Cyclism will also respond to this request within four (4) weeks.

PA-Cyclism engages third parties for the performance of its services. These could be third parties that PA-Cyclism engages for the performance of marketing activities (such as printing companies, email and post processors), for products and services brokered by PA-Cyclism and for its customer service.

Personal Data are only made available to third parties if these data are needed by the third party in order to perform the particular services. To the extent these third parties process Personal Data in the performance of the particular services, they do so in the capacity of processor for PA-Cyclism and PA-Cyclism has taken the required technical and organisational measures to insure that your data are processed exclusively for the purposes above.

Personal Data are furnished to supervisory authorities, tax authorities and investigative authorities only if PA-Cyclism is required by law to do so. Personal Data can also be transferred to recipients in countries outside the European Economic Area in this context. In such cases PA-Cyclism will take the measures that are reasonably necessary to guarantee that your data are protected as well as possible.

PA-Cyclism believes the proper security of Personal Data is very important. PA-Cyclism has therefore taken appropriate technical and organisational measures to secure your personal data against loss or any form of unlawful processing. PA-Cyclism always uses a secure (SSL) connection during the registration process and the sending of contact forms, for instance.

You will find links to other websites on PA-Cyclism’s website. PA-Cyclism is not responsible for how these parties handle personal data. To find this out, read the privacy statement of the particular website.

Cookie statement:

PA-Cyclism uses cookies and other technologies on its website(s) (hereafter: ‘PA Website’) and other services. It goes without saying that we want to safeguard your privacy and optimise the user friendliness of your visit to the PA Website. That is why we feel it is important that you know how, why and what cookies we use. An explanation of PA-Cyclism’s use of cookies is provided below.

What are cookies?

Cookies are small, simple text files that are sent to your browser when you visit the PA Website; these files are then saved to your computer’s hard drive or your mobile device’s memory. The browser can send this information back to the PA Website the next time you visit.

What are the other technologies?

JavaScripts and web beacons are standard internet technologies that work with cookies to ensure that a system can collect information (JavaScripts), store this information in small, simple text files (cookies) and subsequently send these files (web beacons). Virtually all existing websites and apps use cookies and other technologies. By using cookies and other technologies, PA-Cyclismensures that, for instance:

  • browsing the PA Website becomes easier and more pleasant for you
  • you do not always receive or have to enter the same information every time you use the PA Website
  • we can provide you with special functionalities
  • we can keep track of how the PA Website is used and where this need improvement
  • we can keep track of how often an advertisement is shown


PA-Cyclism only uses cookies and other technologies to the extent you have given consent for this in advance. You can personally decide whether you want to accept or refuse cookies. You can also withdraw your consent for cookies at any time. If you do not want to receive any cookies at all, you can adjust your internet browser settings to fully block the use of all cookies. Please note that this may disable some functionalities. You can still consult the PA Website for information about our campaigns and products, however. You can also adjust your internet browser settings so that your browser alerts you when a cookie is placed. This is explained in more detail further on in this Cookie Statement.

What cookies do we use?

PA-Cyclism uses different types of cookies. An explanation of the cookies we use and for what purposes we use these is provided below.

  • Functional or necessary cookies Functional or necessary cookies help the PA Website to function properly. These anonymous cookies ensure, among other things, that:
  • Your preferences, such as language, location and desired number of search results to display, are saved. These cookies also remember the items you place in your shopping basket and information you enter in forms and order forms, for example;
  • Your browser settings are saved so that you can view the PA Website optimally on your screen;
  • You have the option of saving your login details so that you do not need to enter these each time;
  • You can make payments via the PA Website;
  • It is possible to track down abuse of or potential problems on our PA Websites and other services. The registration of a number of successive failed login attempts, for instance. No consent is required for the use of these cookies. It is therefore not possible to opt out of these cookies.


PA-Cyclism uses Analytics cookies to study the use of the PA Website. This places a permanent cookie on your computer or mobile device. PA-Cyclismcan then obtain insight into how and how frequently the PA Website is used and changes can be made to the PA Website if necessary on the basis of these data. This is how we make sure that the PA Website is working optimally.

PA-Cyclism processes anonymous statistics about visits to its Website. This takes place using a web analysis system. The following data, among others, are saved in the web analysis system via cookies:

  • the IP address
  • technical properties such as the browser you are using (for instance: Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer or Firefox) and your computer screen resolution
  • the page you were on prior to visiting the PA Website
  • when and how long you visit or use the PA Website
  • whether you use functionalities of the PA Website
  • what pages you visit on the PA Website

Third-party social media cookies

These are cookies that enable the functionalities of social media websites. This could be a Google map with interactive directions, for instance, or a Facebook ‘like’ button. The PA Website provides access to various social media, including but not limited to Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Pinterest. These social media cookies enable you to share and suggest information on the PA Website with/to others. If you arrive at a web page that has a social media button and you click on it, that social media party places cookies on your computer or mobile device. These cookies are used to collect information about your browser and the websites you visited with your IP address.

Videos originating from third parties, including YouTube, for instance, can be shown via the PA Website. These third parties place cookies that make it possible for them to show you the videos. Cookies can also be placed to monitor your browsing behaviour across several websites and build a profile of your browsing behaviour. The cookies that these third parties place and the data they collect using them are subject to the further terms and conditions of these parties. PA-Cyclism is not responsible for the terms and conditions of third parties. PA-Cyclismrefers to the terms and conditions of the following parties: Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest.

Advertising cookies

PA-Cyclism uses these cookies to keep track of how many advertisements and which advertisements you have seen from PA-Cyclism and/or from third parties that are shown via the PA Website.

PA-Cyclism uses so-called re-targeting or re-marketing technologies on the PA Website. This allows us to show you interesting and personalised offers. To be able to do this, PA-Cyclismplaces cookies that make it possible to monitor your browsing behaviour on the PA Website and chart out a profile of your browsing behaviour. Based on this profile, PA-Cyclismcan show you personalised advertisements on third-party websites. Conversely, there are other parties, such as media agencies and advertising networks, that place advertisements on the PA Website. In doing so, they place advertising cookies via the PA Website.

Website and app suggestions, preferences and interest cookies

These are cookies that remember preferences and interests on the basis of your website visit and app use. Based on these, we sometimes adjust the content of the PA Website for you on your next visit.

Readout of information without cookies

Outside the placement of cookies, PA-Cyclismalso reads out information from your browser and mobile device without placing cookies. In doing so, PA-Cyclismcollects the technical and other properties of your computer or mobile device and the software you are using, such as the type of operating system, the browser settings, plug-ins installed, time zone, and screen size. PA-Cyclismuses this information to monitor your browsing behaviour and tailor its services to your use even more closely.

Browser settings and deleting cookies

If you do not want websites to be able to save cookies to your computer, you can adjust your browser settings accordingly. In that case, you will receive a warning before cookies are placed. You can also adjust your settings so that your browser refuses all cookies or only third-party cookies. You can also delete cookies that have already been placed. You can furthermore withdraw at any time the consent you gave PA-Cyclism for placing and reading out cookies by adjusting your browser settings accordingly so that your browser does not accept cookies and/or all cookies already placed in your browser are deleted. This can result in certain parts of the PA Website no longer working or no longer working properly.

How you can adjust your browser settings varies from browser to browser. This is explained step by step below:

Deleting cookies in Internet Explorer

Go to the menu Extra > Internet options > General. Under Browsing History, click on Delete. You may not want to delete everything. Make sure that Cookies is checked in any event and click on Delete.

Deleting cookies in Firefox

Go to Extra > Options > Privacy. Click on Clear your recent history. You can indicate under Details exactly what you wish to erase. Check Cookies in any event. You can also indicate how old the cookies should be. Choose ‘Everything’ here.

Deleting cookies in Chrome

Click on the icon with 3 dashes at the top right. Click on More tools > Clear browsing data. Make sure that ‘Delete cookies and other site and plug-in data’ is checked in any event. You can also indicate how old the cookies should be. Choose ‘Everything’ here.

Deleting cookies in Safari

Click on the radar icon at the top right. Click on Preferences, go to ‘Privacy’ and click on ‘Remove All Website Data’. You can also click on ‘Details’ and delete selected data.