16 January 2025 to 1 February 2025



On this bikepacking expedition we will discover the southern region of Patagonia between Chile and Argentina.

Patagonia…the name alone makes us daydream. For those who love adventure, Patagonia is the place every bike traveler must visit at least once in their lifetime. From the legendary tales of Italian mountaineers who, during the golden years of climbing, ventured there to challenge mythical peaks like Cerro Torre and Fitz Roy, to recent years as Patagonia has become a mecca for bikepackers the world over, there’s always been something alluring about this rugged adventure capital.

Flying into El Calafate, our trip opens with the opportunity to enjoy the majesty of the Perito Moreno Glacier. Then our cycling adventure begins with a three-day ride into the Torres de Paine National Park.

Then, we will continue south to meet the Pacific Ocean in Puerto Natales. From here, we’ll catch a fast transfer to Punta Arenas where, after crossing the Strait of Magellan, we will start the second half of our adventure: six stages through the Isla Grande of the Tierra del Fuego to finally reach the southernmost city on Earth: Ushauia.

We will follow a rough time itinerary, but Patagonia is unpredictable, and it will not always be possible to respect it. Because of contingencies that we will meet along the way (mechanical problems, bad weather, etc.) we will decide from time to time whether to push to reach the scheduled end of the stage or to set up the camp and sleep elsewhere. We definitely expect long days in the saddle; we will not always have the chance to bathe or enjoy a hearty breakfast in the morning, but this is all part of the trip: the ability to adapt to situations as we encounter them, kilometer after kilometer.

Please read carefully

Of course, for this expedition to be truly successful, it is absolutely necessary to create a strong team spirit amongst all our travelers. No rider will ever be left alone or find themselves individually facing difficulty for any reason. It will be the responsibility not only of the guides, but also of the individual participants to help problem solve throughout the duration of the trip, working together to make the most of our adventure as a team. It will be an unforgettable cycling experience and journey, but also a unique opportunity to educate ourselves on group consciousness and the ability to share—be it joy, fatigue, planning, organization, coordination, defeat or success.

And in this case, success will not be defined as arriving at the final destination but setting off and doing our best to arrive all together.

Before the departure date, we will organize a virtual meeting where we will explain the trip and what kind of equipment our guides will take.

If, for logistical reasons you cannot make it to the meeting, we will contact you via e-mail and you can ask us any questions you may have. A rider list will be made from all the people who want to participate in order to form as homogeneous a group as possible. If you are not selected for this edition, we will notify you when a group with similar characteristics is being formed.

To help us make this selection, we have prepared a short questionnaire, located at the end of this trip’s technical sheet. Fill it out and send it to us before you register.

Refund and cancellation

Where, for whatever reason, one person is obliged to withdraw, the person must give written notice to Project Adventure Cycling.

Refund will be calculated with this penalty:

– Within 45 days from date of departure the penalty fare is 30% of the total cost of the trip.
– Within 30 days from departure the penalty fare is 40% of the total cost of the trip.
– Within 21 days from departure the penalty fare is 50% of the total cost of the trip.
– Within 14 days from departure the penalty fare is 75 % of the total cost of the trip.
– After this date no refund will be given.

There will be no refunds for those who do not show up at the start of the trip or withdraw during the course of the tour.
There will be no refunds for those who are unable to start or complete the tour due to a lack or inaccuracy of personal travel documents (i.e Visa or Passport).

The traveller understands that some destinations pose more of a risk than other destinations due to weather conditions, socio-political situations and the geography of the region. The traveller acknowledges that factors such as, but not limited to, weather conditions, landslides, floods, flight cancellations or delays, strikes, labour issues, power failures, restrictive governmental laws or regulations, riots, insurrection, war or other (hereinafter called “Force Majeure Event”) are not the fault of Project Adventure Cycling and may hinder, delay or even prevent the Traveller’s ability to make or complete the trip. The traveller acknowledges that the Project Adventure Cycling shall not be liable to the traveller for any delay or cancellation of the trip due to a Force Majeure Event. The traveler is neither entitled to a refund nor any other payment for damages from the Project Adventure Cycling in the event that the trip is cancelled or delayed due to a Force Majeure Event. Please note that we are never responsible for any airfare ticket expenses.


  • PA Cycling guides depending on the number of participants
  • 2 nights of hostel accommodation in El Calafate (including Breakfast)
  • Stage nights: 2 – 3 – 4 – 5 – 7 – 8 – 10
  • Dinners during the stages: 2 – 3 – 4 – 5 – 7 – 8 – 10
  • Welcome dinner
  • Entrance and guided tour of the Perito Moreno Glacier
  • Entrance to the Torres del Paine National Park
  • Bus transfer from Puerto Natales to Punta Arenas
  • Ferry crossing from Punta Arenas to Porvenir
  • Group travel insurance (please note however that you will also need your own personal
    travel insurance)
  • Airport transfer on arrival in El Calafate
  • Airport transfer to departure airport of Ushuaia


  • Biglietto aereo A/R e overbaggage, supplemento per bici
  • Flights
  • Lunch and dinner where not expressly specified
  • Food during the cycling days
  • Any extra services or activities
  • Additional costs in case of logistical changes (extra transfers etc.)
  • Anything not listed in ‘The price includes’ section
  • Dates
    16 January 2025 to 1 February 2025
  • Duration
    16 giorni
  • Stages
  • Length
    1.000 km
  • Elevation
    10.000 m
  • Difficulty
  • Price
    2690 €



17 January

Arrival in El Calafate must be before 2:00 p.m. We will organize your hotel/airport transfer. Bikes need to be set up. In the late afternoon, we will have a briefing to introduce the staff and meet the riders.

18 January – El Calafate

Enjoy a guided visit of the Perito Moreno Glacier. Last resupply before departure.

19 January – STAGE 01

El Calafate – 1º CAMP127 km + 1000 m

Today, we begin our bikepacking adventure, leaving behind El Calafate and pedaling on the legendary Ruta 40. A long and steady climb will take us up to Cuesta de Miguez, a beautiful natural balcony where you can admire the valley of Lago Argentino, and with any luck, the massive Mt. Fitz Roy. The second part of this stage will be fast, cycling towards our junction where we head off road and enter the Patagonian pampas to reach our camp.

20 January – STAGE 02

1ST CAMP-CERRO CASTILLO – 86 km + 500 m

The first part of the day will be spent cycling on a dirt track with views over the pampas. After reaching asphalt and riding for about ten kilometers, we’ll begin to glimpse the first strongholds of the Torres del Paine—but we won’t actually reach it till the next day. After crossing the border with Chile, we will finish our day in the small town of Cerro Castillo.

21 January – STAGE 03


We leave Cerro Castillo and enter the Torres del Paine National Park. It will be a spectacular day with continuous views of the Paine Mountains. After entering the park, we will face the hardest climb of the whole trip. It will be an unforgettable day that ends at one of our favorite camps on Pehoe Lake.

22 January – STAGE 04


A relatively short stage, but it includes fierce winds that we will face to reach Grey Lake—a duty that needs to be paid to enjoy the stunning view. Here, we’ll take a short trek on the shore of the lake to admire the blue icebergs before continuing to our camp.

23 January – STAGE 05


We leave the Torres del Paine behind and continue cycling south towards Puerto Natales. This promises to be a spectacular stage, with ups and downs and a stunning view of Lake Toro. Near Puerto Natales, we’ll be able to overlook the Pacific Ocean. Once in the city, we’ll transfer to Punta Arenas, where we will spend the night.

24 January – STAGE 06

PUNTA ARENAS-TREES 125 km + 620 m

We cross the Strait of Magellan by ferry to reach Porvenir. From here begins a magnificent track along the ocean that we will follow all day until we reach our camp.

25 January – STAGE 07

TREES-SAN SEBASTIÁN 58,7 km + 190 m

We continue our way along the tracks by the sea and then take the road that will lead us to the small border town of San Sebastián. There we will find a very good accommodation that will help us to regain our strength.

26 January – STAGE 08


This stage is almost entirely on paved roads and will take us to the city of Rio Grande, where our hotel awaits us.

27 January – STAGE 09

RÍO GRANDE-LAGO YEHUIN – 87.6 km + 480 m

We leave civilisation and return to the wilderness to reach the incredible Lake Yehuin, where we camp.

28 January – STAGE 10

LAGO YAHUIN-TOLHUIN 62,2 km + 480 m

The legendary bakery, friend of all cycle travellers, awaits us with open arms (and warm bread) in Tolhuin.

29 January – STAGE 11


A beautiful route on dirt tracks and a few stretches of asphalt road will lead us, without too much effort, to La Casona, a cosy restaurant near Lago Escondido.

30 January – STAGE 12


Our last day on the bike. Before arriving at our destination, we will face the legendary Garibaldi Pass, the door to Ushuaia. Our arrival in Ushuaia is scheduled for the morning. During the afternoon, we will have time to pack our bikes and buy any last-minute souvenirs.

31 January

Day off at Ushuaia

1 February

In the morning, we’ll say goodbye and transfer to the airport. End of trip.


Willy Mulonia

Willy Mulonia

Founder & President

Willy Mulonia, expert lonely traveler and cyclist for more than 30 years. He made several solo expeditions, but the most important is without a doubt the 28,640 bike trip from Ushuaia (Patagonia) to Prudhoe Bay (Alaska). He raced in the Crocodile Trophy (Australia) in ’98 and the famous Iditarod Trail Invitational (ITI) in Alaska in 1999, 2000, 2018, 2019, 2020, 2022 & 2023 as well as many other mountain bike stage races all over the world. In 2003 he founded the bike travel agency Progetto Avventura, now renamed Project Adventure Cycling. In 2010, with the help of all the team of PA-Cycling he created the Mongolia Bike Challenge, one of the most important MTB stage race in the world. Today you can find him guiding most the tour offered by Project Adventure Cycling.

Normalmente organizzo i miei viaggi in bici da solo. Per la Patagonia mi sono affidato a PA Cycling. Fin da dopo l’iscrizione mi hanno supportato e sopportato con estrema competenza e posso dire che sono tornato dal mio viaggio, sognato da una vita, completamente soddisfatto. Willy, Massimo e tutto lo staff ci hanno accompagnato in un mondo meraviglioso, avendo cura di ogni particolare, sono riusciti a gestire un gruppo estremamente eterogeneo come il nostro in qualsiasi condizione, creando un meraviglioso clima a prescindere dal vento, pioggia o neve che abbiamo trovato negli oltre 1000 chilometri percorsi….che beo che beo che beo !!!!!🤣🤣

I’m Just back from Patagonia bikepacking .
Amazing places incredibile rides perfect organizzation and very experienced staff.
highly recommended to people that want ti ride the umbelievable.

They have a true passion for what they do, all of them. They love to reach the furthest corners of the world by bicycle. They do it first and foremost for themselves. And that is important because when you decide to circle across Patagonia, Mongolia, Africa, to name just few of the destinations in their program, you don’t need just somebody that takes care of the trip organization, you want somebody who can help you feel, enjoy, discover, understand what it means traveling by bicycle in those territories.
Thank you Willy, Massimo, Amedeo, Paolo. It was wonderful! And painful, but that’s why it was so good 😉

Sono stato a dicembre 2019 in Patagonia pedalando per 1.000km da El Calafate fino alla fine del mondo con Willy e i ragazzi di PA-Cycling. Un viaggio che resterà per sempre nella mia mente e nel mio cuore.
Bravi! Continuate così, con la stessa dedizione e lo stesso entusiasmo!!!

Mongolia, MongoliaBikeChalleng, il profumo della steppa, il vento, i cavalli, un popolo fiero e sorridente, i fiumi da attraversare con la bicicletta in spalla, i paesaggi sconfinati..quel profondo blu del cielo di giorno, la via lattea che ruota su di te la notte…la passione di Willy Mulonia, le foto straordinarie di Paolo Penni Martelli, la disciplina di Mister five minutes Dani RD-Zone il giudice di gara,eil sereno pragmatismo Roberto Gazzoli….una gara di allegria e sorrisi incorniciati in una organizzazione perfetta.

mio marito Alessio è tornato dalla Mongolia nel 2018 e dalla Patagonia (la vigilia di Natale 2019) con un sorriso stampato in viso e una luce degli occhi che non avevo mai visto.Ora parla di nuovo di Mongolia, di Marocco, di Atacama, delle Ande, di Alaska, di Africa, Asia, Via della seta….ma soprattutto parla sempre di Willy Mulonia, di Massimo Alfero, di Paolo…come di persone dalla profonda umanità con cui ha condiviso un viaggio che va oltre le mappe e i paesaggi. Un viaggio di sorrisi, battute, fatica e amicizia…
my husband Alessio returned from Mongolia in 2018 and from Patagonia (on Christmas Eve 2019) with a smile on his face and a light of the eyes that I had never seen.Now he speaks again of Mongolia, Morocco, Atacama, the Andes, Alaska, Africa, Asia, the Silk Road …. but above all he always talks about Willy Mulonia, Massimo Alfero, Paolo … as people with a profound humanity with whom he shared a journey that goes beyond maps and landscapes. A journey of smiles, jokes, effort and friendship


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