23 August – 03 September 2023


Mongolia, cradle of great civilisations. A country of contrasts. A land of adventure.

Come with us to discover one of the most incredible and challenging countries for the western traveller.

After more than a decade of organising the Mongolia Bike Challenge and having travelled so many times, we feel confident that we can offer you the best of the best of this country we love so much.

For the success of this expedition and the safety of all participance the creation of a strong team is absolutely imperative. No one will be left behind or in difficulty for any reason. It will be the responsibility of not only the guides, but also of each team member (participants) to help solve any and all kinds of problems that arise during the trip.

It will not only be an unforgettable journey, but also a unique opportunity to experience self-education in group consciousness, to share joy in fatigue, planning, organization, coordination, in defeats as well as in successes.

Success will not only be the arrival at our destination, but through our journey. And knowing we have done our best to arrive, together.

Refund and cancellation

Where, for whatever reason, one person is obliged to withdraw, the person must give written notice to Project Adventure Cycling.

Refund will be calculated with this penalty:

– Within 45 days from date of departure the penalty fare is 10% of the total cost of the trip.

– Within 30 days from departure the penalty fare is 30% of the total cost of the trip.

– Within 21 days from departure the penalty fare is 60% of the total cost of the trip.

– Within 14 days from departure the penalty fare is 75 % of the total cost of the trip.

– After this date no refund will be given.

No refunds for those who will not show at the start or withdraw during the course of the tour.
No refunds for those who could not make the tour due to lack or inaccuracy of the personal travel documents (i.e Visa or Passport). Traveler understands that some destinations pose more risk than other destinations due to weather conditions, political conditions and the geography of the region. Traveler acknowledges that factors such as, but not limited to, weather conditions, landslides, floods, flight cancelations or delays, strikes, labor troubles, failure of power, restrictive governmental laws or regulations, riots, insurrection, war or other reason of a like nature not the fault of Project Adventure Cycling (hereinafter “Force Majeure Event”) can hinder, delay or even prevent the Traveler’s ability to make or complete the trip.

Traveler acknowledges that the Project Adventure Cycling shall not be liable to Traveler for any delay or cancelation of the trip due to a Force Majeure Event. Traveler shall not be entitled to a refund or any other payment for damages from the Project Adventure Cycling in the event that the trip is cancelled or delayed due to a Force Majeure Event. Please note that we are never responsible for any airfare ticket expenses.


In the event that you are unable to fly due to COVID 19 restrictions because of a declared state of emergency, PA Cycling, SL, guarantees:

RETURN OF QUOTE* (Except for expenses incurred up to the time of cancellation of the trip)



* The above conditions ARE NOT VALID in the case of a positive individual.

The price includes

– Bike guides from PA Cycling depending on the number of participants

– 3 nights in 4* Bayangol hotel (BB, twin/double)

– 6 nights in tourist ger camps on twin share basis

– All meals, snacks and drinking water on the tour

– Welcome and farewell dinner in Ulaanbaatar

– 2 Russan vans as support vehicles

– Airport transfers

– National park fees

– Travel insurance coverage

The price does not include

– Meals in Ulaanbaatar that are not indicated

– Drinks and alcohol

– Gratuities

– Return airfare and baggage fees, bike equipment

– Excursions, extra activities

– Additional costs in case of logistical changes (extra transfers etc.)

– Anything not included in “The price includes” section.

  • Dates
    23 August - 03 September 2023
  • Duration
    10 days
  • Stages
  • Length
    430 km
  • Elevation
    5530 m
  • Difficulty
  • Price
    2450 €



Stage 01. Start of cycling ride to Khangai mountain range – 100 km | 1250 m

Having tuned the bikes, we start our cycling adventure. We ride across large arid grassland where gentle hills and brows alternate at an insignificant upward incline throughout the day. The vast open land gives you a chance to feel the immensity and emptiness of Mongolia. The terrain is predominantly flat with a combination of packed ground, loose gravel, and mud if it rains. We pedal passing by nomadic tents and huge herds of livestock. After a substantial lunch break, we continue riding and reach the foothills of the Khangai mountain range that covers nearly a fifth of the country’s territory. This region, dominated by dome-shaped mountains, mixed woods, clear streams, and lush grassy valleys receives abundant rainfall compared to all other parts of Mongolia. The mountain range is an immense mountain biking playground with fantastic packed soils, diverse terrain, and spectacular landscapes. Our today’s destination is the minerals springs of Tsenkher Valley, located in the eastern outreaches of the massif. The lush wooded valley is famous for its mineral hot springs. Although somewhat crowded with both local and foreign travelers during the short summer season, it certainly feels good to soothe your muscles in a hot pool. Relaxing massage and laundry service are available too. Another night in traditional Mongolian tents. (Breakfast, lunch, dinner / ger camp)


Stage 02. Cycle to Orkhon river valley – 83 km | 1400 m

Continue cycling enjoying the idyllic scenery of the traditional herding life. This part of Mongolia is known for producing fermented horse milk of exceptional quality and taste and today you will notice many mares and foals separately tethered outside of nomadic homes. Making of the airag, as it’s locally called, is a continuous and labor-consuming process: mares are milked every two hours throughout the day and thousands of times of churning is required to boost the fermentation in large barrels or ox hide sacks. We will visit a nomadic tent to try a sip and chat with locals. Overall, it’s a fast day on great soils with a few steep passes. Great views of the immense wilderness open from their tops with some extinct volcano craters seen from the last pass. A 20km breathtaking downhill to the Orkhon valley floor completes today’s ride. A designated UNESCO historic heritage site, the Orkhon valley contains an overwhelming wealth of historic data such as burial mounds, deer stones, and prehistoric settlements. Upon checking in you can take a dip in the cool waters of the Orkhon river. (Breakfast, lunch, dinner / ger camp)

Stage 03. Cycle to Orkhon waterfall – 73 km | 470 m

We first ride upstream to the Orkhon waterfall, the signature attraction of the area, and then bike downstream along the vast valley strewn with basalt fields surrounded by impressive wooded mountain and extinct volcanos. The riding surface today is great, and is prevailed by smooth packed soil. We will be passing by many nomadic encampments and massive animal herds. Horses get particularly agitated on seeing cyclists and excitedly run alongside your way. We stop to chat to nomads, try local food and drinks. Tonight, we stay in a ger camp. Despite no running water or electricity, you can freshen up with soft towels perfumed with essential oils. (Breakfast, lunch, dinner / ger camp)

Stage 04. Cycle to Mongol Els dunes – mini Gobi – 87 km | 1360 m

We leave the Orkhon valley behind and make our way across undulating hills and rugged mountains to arid grassland which extends for hundreds of more miles to the Gobi desert. Quite often we follow faint car tracks that wind on narrow valley floors which from time to time bring us to a high point with great views of wild mountains and boundless grasslands, the classical landscape, associated with Mongolia by most people. The last 50km we load bikes and drive on tarmac road to Mongol Els, spectacular sand dunes that stretch for 100km across arid grasslands and dramatic mountains. Here settle in a ger camp right beside the dunes which you can walk in the evening cool. Star gazing is breathtaking here: the pitch-dark celestial canvas illuminates with myriads of stars. (Breakfast, lunch, dinner / ger camp).

Stage 05. NLoop around Khugnu Khan mountain – 87 km | 1090 m

We ride around the Khogno Khan Nature reserve, a spectacular area comprised of dunes, rock formations, and majestic mountains. About a third of the say is hampered by sand and may require pushing the bikes. We then travel through the inner of the reserve enjoying the untouched wilderness and savannah-type vegetation. From the day’s highest point, you will enjoy a breathtaking view of boundless expanses. On the way down we can explore the ruins of a 17th-century Buddhist monastery that has a dramatic history to be told by your guide. We return to our camp for the rest of the day. (Breakfast, lunch, dinner / ger camp)


Willy Mulonia

Willy Mulonia

Founder & President

Willy Mulonia, expert lonely traveler and cyclist for more than 30 years. He made several solo expeditions, but the most important is without a doubt the 28,640 bike trip from Ushuaia (Patagonia) to Prudhoe Bay (Alaska). He raced in the Crocodile Trophy (Australia) in ’98 and the famous Iditarod Trail Invitational (ITI) in Alaska in 1999, 2000, 2018, 2019, 2020 & 2022 as well as many other mountain bike stage races all over the world. In 2003 he founded the bike travel agency Progetto Avventura, now renamed Project Adventure Cycling. In 2010, with the help of all the team of PA-Cycling he created the Mongolia Bike Challenge, one of the most important MTB stage race in the world. Today you can find him guiding most the tour offered by Project Adventure Cycling.


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