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20 July – 02 August 2024


Mongolia, cradle of great civilisations. A country of contrasts. A land of adventure.

Come with us to discover one of the most incredible and challenging countries for the western traveller.

After more than a decade of organising the Mongolia Bike Challenge and having travelled so many times, we feel confident that we can offer you the best of the best of this country we love so much.

Our nights will be divided between the comfortable hotel in Ulaanbaatar, our own tents in which we will sleep under the sea of stars, and the authentic and cosy Ger Camps, which will be waiting for us with open arms and hot food.

For this adventure, we have decided to join forces with the enough cycling collective, an alliance that has only just begun and has endless adventures on the horizon.

For the success of this expedition and the safety of all participance the creation of a strong team is absolutely imperative. No one will be left behind or in difficulty for any reason. It will be the responsibility of not only the guides, but also of each team member (participants) to help solve any and all kinds of problems that arise during the trip.

Refund and cancellation

Where, for whatever reason, one person is obliged to withdraw, the person must give written notice to Project Adventure Cycling.

Refund will be calculated with this penalty:

– Within 45 days from date of departure the penalty fare is 30% of the total cost of the trip.
– Within 30 days from departure the penalty fare is 40% of the total cost of the trip.
– Within 21 days from departure the penalty fare is 50% of the total cost of the trip.
– Within 14 days from departure the penalty fare is 75 % of the total cost of the trip.
– After this date no refund will be given.

There will be no refunds for those who do not show up at the start of the trip or withdraw during the course of the tour.
There will be no refunds for those who are unable to start or complete the tour due to a lack or inaccuracy of personal travel documents (i.e Visa or Passport).

The traveller understands that some destinations pose more of a risk than other destinations due to weather conditions, socio-political situations and the geography of the region. The traveller acknowledges that factors such as, but not limited to, weather conditions, landslides, floods, flight cancellations or delays, strikes, labour issues, power failures, restrictive governmental laws or regulations, riots, insurrection, war or other (hereinafter called “Force Majeure Event”) are not the fault of Project Adventure Cycling and may hinder, delay or even prevent the Traveller’s ability to make or complete the trip. The traveller acknowledges that the Project Adventure Cycling shall not be liable to the traveller for any delay or cancellation of the trip due to a Force Majeure Event. The traveler is neither entitled to a refund nor any other payment for damages from the Project Adventure Cycling in the event that the trip is cancelled or delayed due to a Force Majeure Event. Please note that we are never responsible for any airfare ticket expenses.

The price includes

– Bike guides depending on the number of participants
– 3 nights in 4* Bayangol hotel (BB, twin/double)
– 5 nights in tourist ger camps on twin share basis plus dinner and breakfasts
– Welcome and farewell dinner in Ulaanbaatar
– Airport transfers
– Transfer from Kharkhorin to Ulaanbaatar
– A Russian van as support vehicle
– National park fees
– Travel insurance coverage

The price does not include

– Meals that are not indicated
– Free camping’s night dinners and morning breakfasts
– Drinks and alcohol
– Gratuities
– Return airfare and baggage fees, bike equipment
– Excursions, extra activities
– Additional costs in case of logistical changes (extra transfers etc.)
– Anything not included in “The price includes” section

  • Dates
    20 July - 02 August 2024
  • Duration
    14 days
  • Stages
  • Length
    671 km
  • Elevation
    7000 m
  • Difficulty
  • Price
    2850 €



Stage 01 — 87 km | 990 m

The adventure begins in style, with an epic first stage in which we will cover 87 kilometres and 990 meters of accumulated altitude gain. We will enter the overwhelming Mongolian wilderness via a series of dirt tracks. As we leave the familiar civilization behind and enter the nature, we start to get used to these immense landscapes. Our sight covers more and more distance.

Tonight we will sleep in our first Ger Camp under an incredible blanket of stars.


Stage 02 — 101 km | 910 m

In the second stage of the trip we are already fully immersed in the Mongolian steppes. Today we cycle up and down continuously, gaining altitude until, at kilometre 58, we reach an altitude of 1,500 meters and begin a beautiful descent of almost 30 kilometres until we cross the Tynn River and reach our destination for the day: the second Ger Camp, which awaits us with all the comforts to help us regain our strength.

Stage 03 — 65,5 km | 670 m

Today we are facing a period of recovery. Now fully immersed in the Mongolian universe, it is quite possible that horses will greet us as we pass and that, if we look up into the sky, we will see huge eagles watching our progress.

The sensation of immensity that Mongolia gives us today is intensified by the distance and the mixture of landscapes that each small peak we conquer and each valley we cross gives us.

Today we will sleep in our tents, free camping, under the sea of stars.

Stage 04 — 71,3 km | 440 m

The fourth stage of our adventure through the Mongolian steppes takes us along tracks and paths that continue to lead us into the heart of the steppes.

The landscape changes, as does the type of terrain: we start to find sandbanks and lake areas.

At around kilometre 60 we reach Lake Tara and enter a curious and humid valley that leads us to the third Ger Camp of the trip, the one in front of the “Little Gobi”.

Stage 05 — 71,8 km | 650 m

The day starts in style: crossing the sand dunes of the “Little Gobi”. We may well have to put our feet on the ground and push the bike for a short distance. The effort will be rewarded by the incredible scenes we will pass through.

We continue along roads and tracks until, at around kilometre 40, we reach a small village called Bürd, where we will stock up on provisions for the night (which we will spend free camping) and for tomorrow’s breakfast.

Stage 06 — 73,3 km | 800 m

Shortly after we start pedalling, we pass through the small village of Yesönüil, where we will stock up on provisions for the day and for the night, which we will spend again in free camping.

Today we pass the Sangiin Dalai nuur lake and enter a slightly more mountainous area. We will be over 2000 metres and camp at 1900 metres above sea level.

Stage 07 — 85,2 km | 670 m

Our seventh stage takes us, on a gentle descent (where we will also have to face some ascent) to the meeting point of the great valley where the fourth Ger Camp awaits us, with open arms and a hot meal.

Today we will notice how the landscape is changing and the seas of the steppes begin to be surrounded by mountains.

Stage 08 — 83,8 km | 1200 m

Last stage of the journey. Today we will cover the 84 kilometres that separate us from Kharkhorin. It is an epic journey that takes us up rivers and valleys to a wooded peak from where we can see our goal, the ancient capital of Mongolia and once the centre of the known world.


Ignacio Pellejero

Ignacio Pellejero

Travel Logistic Coordinator & Guide

With a divided heart, Argentinian parents, born in Venezuela and raised in Spain, Nacho has had a nomadic and adventurous soul since he was a child. In 2017, together with his best friend, they decided to travel the Americas with their bicycles with the @260litros project until the pandemic put on "stand by" the dream of getting from Patagonia to Alaska. Today, after living in South America for five years, he returns home (Spain) to join the PA-Cyling family and continue the dream of cycling around the world, but this time, giving others the chance to join him and experience, even if only for a few days, how wonderful it is to travel and get to know different places and cultures on a bicycle.


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