August 2023

Like no other race on earth!

Mongolia Bike Challenge is a challenging race, open both to professionals racers and high level amateurs, which will take place entirely in the lonely steppes of Mongolia from which, in the XIII century, the local herdsmen departed led by the valiant Gengis Khan in a short lived but also fast conquest of central Europe, China and the Middle east.

Mongolia Bike Challenge will not be only a mountain bike race in stages, but more than anything it will be a very strenuous physical trial and a test of psycological endurance which will try every racer.

In 2018 the Mongolia Bike Challenge will be new and improved and better than ever, and that is guaranteed!

Shorter stages and brand new routes will offer a wider variety of participants the chance to experience the incredible beauty of the Mongolian landscape.

With every night to to be spent under the romantic roof of a traditional Mongolian ger, you’ll come as close as possible to experiencing what life must have been like for people in the days of Genghis Khan, with your two-wheeled steed parked up outside.

It is not simply restyling. This, in fact, is a revolution.

Mongolia Bike Challenge: where the impossible becomes possible!

For registration and full information about the race please visit the official website

  • Dates
    August 2023
  • Duration
    10 days
  • Stages
  • Length
    600 km
  • Elevation
    9.000 m
  • Difficulty
  • Price
    2.150 €

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