03 – 09 October 2020


On this trip we will draw a unique tour of Andalusia, the southernmost region and probably with the most contrasts in Spain.

We will depart from Seville which, together with Venice and Genoa, is one of the three cities with the largest historical center in Europe, a special city.

We will start by touring the peculiar marshes of the Guadalquivir to get closer to the foot of the Sierra: the Subética Mountain Range (whose morphology was caused by the same forces that originated the Pyrenees).

This mountainous system acts as a barrier to winds loaded with water that arrive from the Atlantic Ocean. Its height, humidity and location create a surprising territory that houses subtropical forests, a set of small villages with great history and charm and … an incredible network of roads and paths that will allow us to cycle through each of its corners.

We will cross three of the eight Andalusian provinces on our trip: Seville, Malaga and Cádiz. We will cycle through two of its main protected Natural Parks: Grazalema Natural Park and Los Alcornocales Natural Park.

… and we will finish in the famous beaches of Cádiz, where we will find our final prize: rest under the imposing sunsets of Vejer de la Frontera.

Each stage will be very different from the previous one, we will advance through wet plains, we will climb good mountain passes, we will go through fun single-tracks and we will end up descending towards the coast.

It will be 5 days with a total of 350 kilometers and about 6,000 meters accumulated, for a very special trip with which we will discover several of the best hidden “treasures” of this spectacular region.

Refund and cancellation
Where, for whatever reason, one person is obliged to withdraw, the person must give written notice to Projecting Adventure Cyclism.
Refund will be calculated with this penalty:

Within 45 days from date of departure the penalty fare is 10% of the total cost of the trip.
Within 30 days from departure the penalty fare is 30% of the total cost of the trip.
Within 21 days from departure the penalty fare is 60% of the total cost of the trip.
Within 14 days from departure the penalty fare is 75 % of the total cost of the trip.
After this date no refund will be given.

No refunds for those who will not show at the start or withdraw during the course of the tour.
No refunds for those who could not make the tour due to lack or inaccuracy of the personal travel documents (i.e Visa or Passport).

Traveler understands that some destinations pose more risk than other destinations due to weather conditions, political conditions and the geography of the region. Traveler acknowledges that factors such as, but not limited to, weather conditions, landslides, floods, flight cancelations or delays, strikes, labor troubles, failure of power, restrictive governmental laws or regulations, riots, insurrection, war or other reason of a like nature not the fault of Projecting Adventure Cyclism (hereinafter “Force Majeure Event”) can hinder, delay or even prevent the Traveler’s ability to make or complete the trip. Traveler acknowledges that the Projecting Adventure Cyclism shall not be liable to Traveler for any delay or cancelation of the trip due to a Force Majeure Event. Traveler shall not be entitled to a refund or any other payment for damages from the Projecting Adventure Cyclism in the event that the trip is cancelled or delayed due to a Force Majeure Event. Please note that we are never responsible for any airfare ticket expenses.

THE PRICE INCLUDE • Organizing and logistic team composed of guides by bike of PA Cyclism and autistia
• Full board during bike stops (lunch break for lunch break)
• Accommodation in double room in hotel and little hotels
• Two nights in a hotel in Seville for 12 and 13 October
• Dinner on arrival in Seville on the evening of October 12th
• Travel insurance coverage
• Transfer to and from Seville airport


• Flight ticket and overbaggage
• Lunch in Seville and dinner on October 13th.
• Tips and alcoholic beverages (water is included) during dinners in hotels / little hotels
• Excursions and extra activities.
• Single room supplement
• Everything not present in “The price include”

  • Dates
    03 – 09 October 2020
  • Duration
    7 days
  • Stages
  • Length
    350 km
  • Elevation
    6.000 m
  • Difficulty
  • Price
    1.490 €



DAY 01

Arrival in Seville.Transfer to the hotel.

DAY 02

Bicycle preparation, extra visits, briefing.

DAY 03 – STAGE 01


We begin our journey leaving “one of the most beautiful cities in the world”. Starting from the famous Plaza de España, we will head south following the Guadalquivir river. After crossing the inevitable but always curious landscapes that occur within the limits of every major city, we will go to Las Marismas del Guadalquivir.

The ancient Lacus Ligustinus (Roman lake) is a huge lake area where large rice fields are cultivated, shrimp and angula are caught and herds of cattle and bulls are bred. We will have about 60 kilometers before reaching the city of Lebrija and leaving the marshes.

Legend has it that Lebrija was founded by Bacchus… so we will have a good wine and supplies secured. After resting, we will face the last 30 kilometers that separate us from our destination: Arcos de la Frontera. We will leave the peculiar landscapes of the Marismeños to cross the rain-fed crops to go into the Serrania de Cádiz. The city of Arcos de la Frontera will surely surprise us with its privileged location, view and good food.

DAY 04 – STAGE 02


We leave the easy miles of the marshes behind and climb towards the mountains. We will go to the Natural Parks of the Sierra of Grazalema and Los Alcornocales.

From the moment we leave Arcos de la Frontera and reach El Bosque, we will ride on secondary roads, tracks and short stretches of asphalt: we will be in the territory of the famous “Pueblos Blancos”.

The beauty begins here: we will climb a beautiful path to the city of Benamahoma, where we will rest before facing the end of the day with the ascent to the city of Grazalema. We will do it by asphalt and dirt tracks.

With the curious peculiarity of being the wettest town hall in Spain, the city of Grazalema will surprise us: its white houses rest on a prehistoric settlement.

It was colonized by the Romans, inhabited by the Arabs and conquered in 1485 by the Christians. Here we will spend the night of our second day.

DAY 05 – STAGE 03


We will leave the city of Grazalema descending in altitude. We will approach on asphalt to take the first path of the day that will take us, always downhill to the side of a stream, to the city of Montejaque. We will continue along the path that climbs (almost literally) zig-zag the mountain. It will be the last climb before the lunch break in Ronda.

Belonging to the province of Malaga, Ronda also has an intense historical experience thanks to its strategic position that has given it a great defensive value. Already populated by Iberians, it was occupied by Romans, Visigoths and Muslims.

After resting and recharging “the batteries”, we will take a walk through this deservedly famous city, and we will launch ourselves in the hardest part of the day.

Through rapid paths we will approach the famous Cueva del Gato which is worth a visit; we will take the impressive Guadiaro river path up to Jimera de Libar.

Missing “only” a climb before the rest and the shower: that for dirt roads up to Cortes de la Frontera.

DAY 06 – STAGE 04


Queen Stage. We will cross the Alcornocales Natural Park, La Sauceda, climb the Sierra del Aljibe to its summit and then descend to Alcalá de los Gazules.

We will start on asphalt to reach the Garganta de la Calderona, where a track in good condition will plunge us into the heart of the Natural Park.

The Alcornocales Natural Park has the largest and thickest cork oak forest in Spain. Cork is the most precious raw material, used to produce the best corks for the best wines and a myriad of other related products.

During our journey we will cross its forests where we will also see laurels, hollies and ferns. And surely we will meet a multitude of birds of prey and some other “animal” that will observe our passage. Later we will take a short stretch of asphalt to connect with the start of the ascent to Pico del Aljibe. It will be a beautiful climb, although very hard.

Only after passing the pass will you be waiting for a descent to the village of Alcalà de los Gazules.

DAY 07 – STAGE 05


The last stage of the journey is perhaps the easiest, but the goal is close.

We will leave the Sierra behind and we will approach the coast through increasingly undulating terrain.

We will be able to observe the changes in landscapes in crops, villages and vegetation until we approach Vejer de la Frontera. Here we will climb “its walls” to reach its 200 meters above sea level and reach our final destination: the town of Rome, declared a historical-artistic complex and belonging to the selected club of the “Association of the Most Beautiful Villages of Spain” .


DAY 08

Transfer to Seville and Airport.



Julian Bueno Risco

Julian Bueno Risco

Travel Logistic Coordinator & Guide

Julian Bueno is a geographer, photographer, traveler, digital-map-maker, bike lover and route & event designer. In this way, and as an active and passionate person, Julian has collaborated and published several spanish mountain bike guide books and he is an active member of the Spanish Mountain Bike School (EEMTB). He likes to share his passions and to discover new routes and friends, spending also time steering many people through different cycling destinations. Overall, he feels movement as part of his life and he used to participate in marathon, roller skates challenges and general long distance events. You can chat with him about life, GPS secrets and innovative cycling gadgets. Now, he is part of the Projecting Adventure Cyclism.


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